Crested Beauty Queen

Makeup with Altitude

Malia Jones


It all started when...

I have had a lifelong love affair with makeup.  There is rarely a day that I don't hold a makeup brush in my hand.

I began wearing makeup in high school to manage my problematic, acne prone, difficult to color-match skin, and picked up wisdom in the process.

My formal training was here in Crested Butte at About Face where I mentored under a Bobbie Brown makeup artist from NYC.  Using mineral-based, natural products for in-store applications rooted me in the natural beauty aesthetic favored by Crested Beauties.

As a native Crested Buttian I understand that, like our gorgeous surroundings, women at altitude want their makeup to enhance their natural beauty not manufacture a new visage.

I began specializing in wedding makeup in 2012 when my mentor retired and encouraged me to take her client list.  I always feel blessed to be present on a woman's wedding day and honored to play a part in papmpering her.

Beauty is absolutely my passion.  I practice my craft daily and attend seminars, conferences, and tutorials to expand my skill set.

I also offer special event/festival makeup, makeup tutorials, makeup parties, stage makeup, and bold makeup applications.