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Makeup with Altitude

The Power of Makeup

My daily meditation is putting my "face" on each morning.  I love the transformative power of artfully applied makeup.  Makeup is my medium of self expression.  I have been raised around women (and men) who believe makeup is a way women "hide" their imperfections.  They're missing my point.

Makeup isn't about hiding who you are; but becoming that part of yourself you want to be.  Every woman has the vixen, the maiden, and the wise woman in herself.  She may also have the girl boss, the punk rocker, and the class clown vying for space in her frame.  Makeup is how I get to live those personalities I possess.

In the photos above I was channeling my "Southern Starlette" to have my photo taken for the Crested Butte Mountain Theatre.  My morning makeup routine engages my creativity and gives me an outlet of self expression that serves as a direct commentary on the day ahead.  A board meeting asks for a bolder eye than a trip to the park so my makeup reflects my mood and my day.  (Yes, I wear military colors when asking for a raise or confronting a difficult situation.)  My makeup is not a way I hide myself.  It is how I show myself to the world around me.

Drag Con Makeup Review: Androgyny Liquid Lipstick


I had the opportunity to attend the third annual RuPaul's DragCon in Los Angeles this month and while the queens were fierce the makeup was fiercer.  Drag-friendly brands like Lit Cosmetics, SugarPill, and Jeffree Star all had booths and I managed to haul in some incredible products.

My current favorite is Jeffree Star's Velour Liquid Lipstick in Androgyny.  While I wouldn't use this shade on a bride seeking a natural look I am deeply impressed with its colorfastness and inability to be "kissed off".

In the past I have used a lip sealant to keep highly-pigmented lipsticks in place during an event but that can result in cakey lips and even gaps where the sealant peels away the lipstick below.  The Velour Liquid Lipstick doesn't budge once its in place and will last throughout the night (and into the next morning).  I would recommend it to any bride who wanted her lipstick to stay put! 

More wedding friendly colors are I'm Nude (pink nude), Mannequin (darker nude), Sagittarius (mauve), and Doll Parts (a pink pout).